Greatest Giveaway


I'm so glad you've discovered my blog and if you enjoy giveaways like I do I hope your enjoying discovering them here at One Stop!

I just couldn't list all these fabulous giveaways without telling you about the ONE giveaway I've received that changed my life.

You see I'm proud to say I found something in Jesus Christ that I couldn't find in anything else! Forgiveness and Peace! I've also realized after being His follower for over 10 years that if your not aware that you need Him and what He can give you then what I'm writing about probably doesn't make much sense.

I don't want to offend anyone and totally understand if you want to close my blog up and never return!

But for those who are searching, feeling as if there has got to be more to this life, I will tell you there is! Its found in a personal relationship with Christ!

I'd love to share more about this "Greatest Giveaway" with you and give you a Bible, if your interested please email me at .