Featured Book Review for Tyndale House Publishers

Ever been so captivated by a book that when you go to put it down you feel as if your leaving a friend behind? I have!

Promise Me This is just one of those kinds of books. From the first chapter to the last words printed on the last page I was taken by the events and adventure of each characters' life. 

Mix in the tumultuous Titanic and World War I and you have a book that doesn't lack for heroism. I love that a book like Promise Me This can be clean and real without compromising either of those aspects. A love story by all definitions but never sappy or overdone. Well worth the read and even a second read.

Cathy Gohlke, author of Promise Me This, has also written William Henry Is a Fine Name and I Have Seen Him in the Watchfires. She is a Christy Award winner and you can find more information about her works at http://www.cathygohlke.com/.    

*All of the opinions written above are solely my own. I was given a free copy of Promise Me This by the Tyndale Blog Network for bloggers.