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Love You More is a book centered around the life of Jennifer Grant and how she became an adoptive mother. I love the thought of adoption and was very eager to dive into Love You More  and discover more about what to me is a great mystery, the adoption process.

My family and I have never been closely involved with adoption and for me this was the deepest look into this process. Unfortunately, I found that it was hard to connect personally with the author. The book is spotted with wonderful details about this family's struggle to adopt from Guatemala, yet I feel it should have been listed as a autobiography instead. Rather than the majority of the book being about the adoption it seemed more about the author, her past, her likes and dislikes, her struggles in the adoption process, etc.

I know this book will be an encouragement to those going through adoption. I just strain to see how those not involved in this process will enjoy the read. No disrespect is intended to the author! Her life is and was full of interesting events and chapters. I was just hoping for a book with adoption as its focal point and not the authors life story. I would have loved to have seen more of the ins and outs of the adoption process and a bit less "bunny trails".

Included in the back of Love you More are several resource pages for anyone currently interested or involved in an adoption.

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