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  I am super excited to be part of an incredible blog tour for this amazing book. 

     I am a huge fan of fiction works, but there was no twisting my arm to read this book. I will not blink when given the chance to read a Joel Rosenberg novel.  The Tehran Initiative kept true to this author's excellent and thrilling writing as an offshoot of current and future likely scenarios of world events.  I believe the novel gave me a record speed in reading. 459 pages would normally be long for me!

     The fascinating bringing of the plot and characters together was well done.  It resonates well with  current events in light of a biblical back light.  How things play out in the end times world was done with pretty good realism.   To me, it is more meaningful and intriguing that just a plain old made up fiction work with no larger point or purpose. 

     As a critical point, since this is a critique,  the introduction of so many "complex-names" characters made me refers to the list of characters at the book quite a bit and made me have to pause and give thought to who was who- but at least a list of characters was thought of to be included.   Also,  the appearance of the 12th Imam was an interesting twist but threw me off a bit as I didn't think this person could even be hinted to as the "Anti-Christ".    Iran's saber rattling only needs the thought of the Imam arriving as a catalyst for its desire for cataclysmic events.  However, my pre-conceived ideas should not detract from the author's imagination as I followed the storyline with mine.

     Also, the love interest is a must and was included. I do wish the book had more finality with that and with the total wrap-up of world and biblical events-but perhaps that is why this is a series!  

*All of the opinions written above are solely my own. I was given a free copy of The Tehran Initiative by the Tyndale Blog Network for bloggers.

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