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What do we love more, telling you about fabulous giveaways or introducing you to the incredible blogs that host these giveaways?

We can't decide! But while were on the topic of fabulous giveaway blogs we have an amazing blog to share with you today! A blog that will not disappoint you when it comes to giveaways!

www.glimpse-reviews.blogspot.com is a super creative place to find informative reviews and even try your hand at winning fantastic prizes. Listen to what the creators of Glimpse Reviews have to say about their blog:

" Glimpse is a mom-run blog where you will find many reviews, as well as loads of great giveaways! We focus on Canadian products & Canadian businesses...but most of the products can also be purchased in the US and most giveaways are open to Canada & USA! We write, honest, to-the-point reviews on a variety of products for the whole family."

Sounds like a great blog, doesn't it? Check out these current giveaways now running on Glimpse Reviews:

We'd love it if you'd jump over to Glimpse Reviews and leave them a comment saying that One Stop sent you!  

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