Jewel Mint Product Review

Hi Everyone!

So, I'm standing at the accessory rack and wondering why a simple necklace and earring purchase could be so daunting! Wouldn't it be incredible to have a style consultant who could pick out accessories for me?

How about you? Ever purchased an item just to find yourself wondering, is this really me?

Enter, Jewel Mint!
Partners Kate Bosworth and Cher Coulter have teamed up to offer a twist on your average Jewelry line.

Not only have these ladies and Jewel Mint created a fabulous line of reasonably priced jewelery they have also developed an easy style quiz to help discover your sense of fashion. Simply take the quick Style quiz and your done.

The style quiz enables Jewel Mint to select the perfect recommended pieces of jewelry from their designs to suit your unique fashion tastes.

Each month for $29.99 you can select an item from your recommended pieces!

Jewel Mint wants you to love their pieces and provides a "Hassle Free" environment when joining their program. There is no charge until you purchase your first piece of jewelry. You can even skip any month, with free shipping and simple returns.

A while ago I was approached to write a review on one of their products. So I jumped in with both feet and began getting to know Jewel Mint. They generously offered me a free item to try out and graciously sent it right to me in the mail.

After browsing the selections Jewel Mint had selected for me I choose to review the Julius Bangle. And its beautiful!

The first thing I noticed was the weight of this item. It is a very sturdy piece and appears that it would hold up well. 

My only disappointment is that the bangle didn't fit. I have slightly larger hands and found it impossible really to get the bangle on. After asking my Mother to try the bangle on, I discovered it did fit her wrist. So, I say all that to say that when purchasing a bangle, size should be an important consideration.

Curious about what your Style Quiz would reveal? Jump over to Jewel Mint and set up an account today!

*This post has been a product review for Jewel Mint. I was given one piece of jewelry to review for this post. I was not given any monetary compensation and all comments and opinions are completely 100% my own.